Sudoku game for Nokia phones

Popular puzzle game now for DCT-3 series!

This is a sudoku puzzle generator, game, and solver. You can use it play sudoku puzzles with your phone, or just for generating puzzles to be copied and solved more conveniently on paper.

On level 4, the generation engine creates true unique-solution locally minimized (no redundant clues) sudokus at speed of one puzzle per minute (on NSE-3). Therefore, the puzzles are rather difficult. Level 1, 2, and 3 sudokus also have an unique solution but they contain some extra clues to help you in solving them.

The sudoku solving engine is based on Donald Knuth's DLX algorithm (see and is able solve any 9×9-cell sudoku in a few seconds. You can use the "Custom grid" function to enter a third-party sudoku into the phone and then let your phone to find solution for it.

Game controls on Nokia phones [use 3(6)...b(,) on Nokia 5510]:

 3  Move the cursor

Select a cell for entering a number


Toggle hints on/off

Start playing (custom grid mode)

Undo number placement

Redo previously done undo

Standard sudokus are laid on 9×9 grid which is divided into nine 3×3 boxes. The target is to fill the empty cells with numbers 1...9 so that same number does not appear twice on any horizontal line, vertical line, or in any box. (See the puzzle above and its solution below.)

Download Sudoku for DCT-3, version 1.13
Compiled to work with Nokix Scripts snapshot 6.10.2006.

By default, a random game is started. If you are not satisfied with your result, you can play the same field again by entering the game number. This allows also fair head-to-head competitions using one or more phones by specifying the same game number for all contestants.

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CAUTION: Trying to modify the built-in firmware of a mobile phone may make it practically unrepairable. This applies especially to phones that does not have a separate EEPROM chip for settings and calibrations (e.g. most Nokia 3xxx phones). Before trying to update the flash memory, you need to understand the functions of your flashing program and the whole flashing process, including any checksum updates required. NuukiaWorld does not give any support in flashing-related questions.

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